Yuwell thailand

     Yuwell Group, has been devoted to the life and health industry. Industry and capital are dual-driven, both international and local resources, medical and household markets are advancing together, and products and services are combined to form a professional service platform covering the field of medical devices.

        Yuwell Group has 1 listed company, Yuyue Medical (SZ:002223), and more than 80 participating holding companies. After years of development, Yuwell Group owns famous brands such as Yuwell and Esaote from Italy. The group is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and has 10 R&D centers and 7 manufacturing centers in Germany, Italy, Beijing, etc., and has established 56 Subsidiaries around the world, forming a complete closed-loop link for R&D, production, marketing and service. Integrate global health and professional medicine into continuous innovation to better protect life and health.

Looking back, Yuwell has experienced two decades of development. 
1998-2008, the first ten years, Live for survive;
2008-2018, the second ten years, Live for life;
2018-2028, Yuwell’s mission: Striving for more healthy lives - Live for lives.
    We will adhere to the tenet of caring for health from the heart and promoting development with science and technology. Full of enthusiasm and hope, we protect a healthy environment where enterprises, society and people grow together.