Annual General Meeting 2023 and academic conference Diabetes Association of Thailand

On March 10 2023 at the ballroom, 3rd floor Anoma Hotel Ratchadamri Bangkok. Emeritus Professor Dr.Wannee Nithiyanan of the Diabetes Association of Thailand Opening of the Diabetes Association Symposium In the topic of the meeting “The use of technology in the care and prevention of diabetes” With a group of teachers participating in the discussion Talked about a new way of measuring success in glucose control  Use of technology to control blood sugar levels  The use of technology for behavior modification and treatment monitoring for diabetes and New technology in T1D

            At the event, there were booths to exhibit innovations and technologies in diabetic patient care and self-care product booths for diabetics. There is also an exhibition to educate about products that Yuwell Medical Thailand has participated in the product exhibition this time Including blood glucose monitors. Including having fun activities such as registering to redeem gifts for participants in this event.

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