CMEF – China International Medical Equipment Fair

14.05.2023 - 17.05.2023

National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai

The China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) was launched in the year 1979 and is held twice every year once in spring and the other in autumn, including exhibitions and forums. After 40 years of self-improvement and continuous development, the CMEF has now become one of the world’s leading global integrated service platforms in the value chain of medical devices, covering products and technology, new product launches, procurement and trade, scientific collaboration, academic forums, brand promotion, education and training. The fair widely covers more than ten thousand products, including medical optical and electro-medical devices, smart health-care and wearable equipment, and services including medical imaging, medical examination, in-vitro diagnostics and hospital construction, In recent years, the CMEF has persistently maintained its growth, having innovatively introduced more than 30 subdivided industrial clusters, such as artificial intelligence (AI), computer tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), operating room, molecular diagnosis, point-of-care testing (POCT), rehabilitation projects, rehabilitation assistive devices and medical ambulances, presenting cutting-edge scientific achievements in the medical industry.

At this international medical equipment exhibition, Yuwell in China participated in a grand and full-scale exhibition of the latest products and technologies. Inside the booth, there are many products on display such as pressure gauges. blood glucose meter oxygen concentrator positive pressure air compressor, nebulizer, and many more, etc.

In addition, Yuwell Medical (Thailand) also traveled to attend exhibitions and was a part of introducing and educating about products. to those who are interested in both Thais and foreigners Who came to visit this exhibition booth as well

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